Mercy Lake
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We live in a rapidly changing world. Last week My Space was all that but today Facebook rules. Marketing programs no longer measure success in column inches but in 146 character blasts.

Distribution of traditional media such as books, films and music are now the purview of the creator. Do I need a big publisher or maybe just Amazon with its on-demand order fulfillment?

TV programs find life (and success) on the Internet in something called a webisode and feature films are made and sold directly to the video crowd and to cable networks to fill their empty slots.
I’ve been in the entertainment business all my life and I’ve never seen anything like the times we’re in. Movies when first presented in the 1800s rocked peoples world. Then came TV with cable and now, the Internet.

Music can be created in a bedroom that rivals the best studios in the world and the musicians can even get their music played on Internet radio stations and sold via websites. No middle man. Same with books and even feature films.

The one single question I’ve been asked over and over the last 5 years is, “What the hell is going on?” No one can see the outcome of this rapid change. There is one thing I know for certain, only really good stuff gets read, watched, listened to and so forth. The lame need not apply.

Now I have created a project called Mercy Lake a ghost story. Not a book but the journals of Emma Swift that's to be translated into what? A film with a follow along TV series and music scores. Or a webisode series, chap books, graphic novel, radio...

This project will take place “real time.”

Exactly what that means is only for those brave enough to join me on this grand experiment. Things are organizing now. Wait and see or maybe jump in and make history.

Wood Dickinson

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